WEECL - POOM - Purple Haze CBD 50ml

WEECL - POOM - Purple Haze CBD 50ml

The Poom Purple Haze is a premium full spectrum CBD Eliquid. Its floral taste is ultra realistic, both earthy and fruity, with hints of pine, a taste success of which we are proud. It will therefore be able to satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs.

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WEECL manufactures its own flavors in order to obtain real flavors not found on the market. Different cbd e-liquids that meet the requirement of seeking the authentic taste you are looking for.

All of this is made possible by controlling the chain from production to processing. We assure you traceability and controlled quality.

The extraction processes developed by WEECL aim to preserve all the aromas of hemp (terpenes) and cannabinoids.

This is why the taste of this CBD e-liquid is so real. Terpenes are very volatile and fragile, they are delicate to extract from the plant and it is difficult to preserve them in the finished product. That’s why our methods of extracting and preserving terpenes throughout the process are time consuming and expensive.

The result speaks for itself.

The finished products are of superior quality and efficiency. Terpenes responsible for the taste and smell of plants, they are partly responsible for the effects felt, but they are not alone,


Cannabinoids also play their role, CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, CBDa, etc ... they are numerous and present in very variable proportions in the plant.

It is together that these two types of molecules will work to optimize the effect felt. In addition, cannabinoids and terpenes work in synergy and together they create an entourage effect in your CBD e-liquid.

WEECL specializes in quality hemp, we promote products from artisanal and natural manufacturing. Our promise is that of the authentic taste and high of CBD, thanks to products naturally rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.

Composition: natural PG / VG (50/50), natural flavor (full spectrum extract).

Full spectrum CBD rate:
- 500mg / 50ml
- 1000mg / 50ml
- 2000mg / 50ml

0% THC

Capacity: 50 ml.

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