Pack Knoks K'OhmX (50ml)

Pack Knoks K'OhmX (50ml)

This pack includes:

6X50ml of each reference is 36 vials including 1 free vial of each reference.
Is :





6 WHAT ??

6 WTF !?

On this pack we offer a zero risk deal. You order it, after fifteen days we take stock, if you can not sell some flavors, we exchange them with flavors of this range that you sell. In this way we protect your investment.

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  • 6 x
    Knoks K'OhmX Baam 50ml BAAM, The yellow bear cub without a nose, chainsaw in hand, is ready to do battle so as not to be stung for his hidden pleasures. BAAM is a great gourmand, he loves his lemon tart. It must be said that it is tasty, a good taste of well-baked pie, on which a good lemon cream, not too sweet, but quite tangy, is abundantly poured. BAAM...
  • 6 x
    Knoks K'OhmX Boom 50ml BOOM, the dazed little purple Rabbit, will defend tooth and nail, his sweet treat. It must be said that we can understand it, its delight is nothing other than a superb cereal bar. On these crunchy cereals, he added a farandole of sweet and sweet wood berries. Blackcurrant, blueberries, red currants, blackberries have a blast, to...
  • 6 x
    Knoks K'OhmX OMG 50ml OMG, the little pink bunny with the snout torn off, armed with a hatchet and ready to fight in order to defend his ultimate pleasure. We see him in his comic book box, blowing huge bubbles, even bigger than his head! And yes his celestial gluttony is nothing other than bubble gum. But not just any! A Cherry Bubble Gum! But not just...
  • 6 x
    Knoks K'OhmX Smash 50ml SMASH, the stunned cat is all claws out to protect his most precious food. Its treasure is a classic blond soft and balanced, in which all kinds of sweets are mixed ... A soft and creamy cake with sweet nuggets completes this harmonious blend. SMASH is a treat with every puff. All our bottles are 70 ml. You can thus put 2 booster...
  • 6 x
    Knoks K'OhmX What 50ml WHAT the little red cat with a torn nose, armed with his chainsaw, is waiting firmly in his comic book hut for those who would like to rob him of his sweet gem. What is a strawberry tart lover! His pie is also particularly exceptional. On a magnificent shortcrust pastry, spreads a very thick custard in which is plunged wonderful...
  • 6 x
    Knoks K'OhmX Wtf 50ml WTF the green bear cub with the soaring muzzle, chainsaw in front, will do everything to protect his magic elixir. MAGIC, it's the k, in fact he called the fairy Absynthe to give him a little bit of his drink, in which he added a good swig of grapefruit, and a tiny mint leaf. Wtf loves his potion. All our bottles are 70 ml. You can...
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The K'ohmX range, It is the range of martyr plush toys for little monsters, who rebel. They throw themselves on their comic strip, armed with their cutting weapon, to protect their delicacies. The Scarred and Bored Rabbit K'ohmX introduces you to his friends

French made.

Pg/ Vg 50/50

70 ml Chubby bottle with 50 ml of liquid boosted in aromas.

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