Knoks K'OhmX Wtf 50ml

Knoks K'OhmX Wtf 50ml

WTF the green bear cub with the soaring muzzle, chainsaw in front, will do everything to protect his magic elixir. MAGIC, it's the k, in fact he called the fairy Absynthe to give him a little bit of his drink, in which he added a good swig of grapefruit, and a tiny mint leaf. Wtf loves his potion.

All our bottles are 70 ml. You can thus put 2 booster in order to dose up to 6mg of nicotine in your liquid.

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The K'ohmX range, It is the range of martyr plush toys for little monsters, who rebel. They throw themselves on their comic strip, armed with their cutting weapon, to protect their delicacies. The Scarred and Bored Rabbit K'ohmX introduces you to his friends

French made.

Pg / Vg 50/50

Chubby bottle of 70 ml with 50 ml of liquid boosted aromas.

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