Prohibition Ltd
  • Incorruptible - concentrate - Prohibition Ltd (30ml) The Incorruptibles, tools of regulation of the prohibition of the 20s in Usa.Their dessert .... A surprising blend of fruits, with very marked notes of very red and sweet strawberries and ripe and juicy pineapples. A season invigorating dessert, for our Incorruptibles.
  • Capone - concentrate - Prohibition Ltd (30ml) Year 20, Chicago.Al Capone control turn the alcohol traffic ...In these hot summers Al sip a lemonade grape with a slight touch of freshness.Whaooo refreshing and energizing. A liquid to be always 100%!
  • Ness - concentrate - Prohibition Ltd (30ml) Elliot, The incorruptible, the avowed enemy of Al Capone, has only one pleasure that can allow him to disconnect from his game of cat and mouse with Al.Its dessert .... A beautiful cocktail of tropical fruits and cactus, coiled on a bed of soft cream and creamy, all linked to a secret element that makes it sweet...