French Malaisien
  • Globe Trotter 50 ml Bio France Armed with your backpack, you will discover unknown territories. A huge surprise that this liquid, though based on a universal fruit: the apple. But here it is an enchanted apple, married with spicy shavings of kola nuts, in an indecent marriage of freshness and flavors.
  • Les Fruits de M.Li  50 ml Bio France M.Li fabulous market gardener from Asia, has concocted a superb mixture of which he alone has the secret. He left to cut superb pineapples, inflated with their liquid gold juice. Then he made a detour to pick his most brilliant grenades, matured long in the sun. Of these two wonderful treasures, he brewed us an...
  • Marco Polo 50 ml Bio France We embark with the famous Italian explorer on the Silk Road! Along the way, he encounters mysterious fruits with firm and fleshy flesh, sweet and powerful in taste: mango. On this majestic fruit cut into small dice, he pours a little cream. Fruity delight sweet as silk.
  • Perle de Java 50 ml Bio France A daring and melodious mixture of fruits. A citrus volcano, sweet and invigorating in which are dipped blueberries such as pearls of sweets and flavors. A promise of explosion in mouth of perfectly reproduced flavors, will leave you speechless.
  • Sur le Mékong 50 ml Bio France Travel on the tumultuous Mekong between Vietnam and Cambodia. Invigorating blend of grapefruit, orange, lime and other citrus, lemon yellow will add its sparkling side. Let yourself be carried away by the invigorating flow of these citrus fruits, like this tumultuous river through this rich Asia in color.
  • Mandarin Subtil 50 ml Bio France Travel to China, Mandarin country. Subtle language composed of thousands of ideograms. Once you've made a few, there's nothing better than splashing on a sparkling orange cocktail paired with fresh mint leaves. A pure moment of freshness and relaxation.
  • Paris Pékin 50 ml Bio France 8200 kms. It is the distance between Paris and Beijing. Lost in the middle of the Asian mega, what better than to remember his sweet France? Paris cash is here for that, it is a beautiful little butter, closing your eyes you will feel like home at tea time.